What is a PAC?

Political Action Committees (PACs) are simply groups of citizens who share common interests and voluntarily pool their money to help ensure those interests are represented in the political process. There are over 4, 500 PACs at the federal level and thousands more in the states. They bring millions of people into the political process. It has been estimated that nearly 70 percent of adult Americans are members of groups that have PACs!

Why does CAA need a PAC?

Many of the issues the rental housing industry deals with are complicated and controversial. It’s critical that we effectively present our views to lawmakers on issues that can profoundly affect the future of our industry. Participation in the political process is critical to the success of any industry. The level of success achieved depends on every individual member’s commitment.

I’m not into politics. Why should I join CAAPAC?

You may not be politically active, but that doesn’t mean political actions won’t affect you and the future success of the rental housing industry. The fact is government decisions do have positive or damaging effects on how you operate your business and the livelihood of your employees. The CAAPAC needs the broadest support to be successful, so it is vital that all members participate.

I’m concerned the contributions won’t reflect my personal political affiliation. Do I have a say in selecting candidates that CAAPAC supports?

It is not practical - or consistent with the PACs’ purpose – to allow members to target their contributions to a specific candidate or political party. However, any PAC member may recommend candidates to their local association. Each association has two appointed CAAPAC Trustees who authorize funding, based on the candidate selection criteria.

CAA works with all public policy makers regardless of their political affiliation to generate support for many issues important to rental property owners. To that end, CAAPAC makes contributions to Democrats and Republicans, equally. We encourage you to support CAA’s missions by supporting CAAPAC – and to support other candidates and causes you agree with through individual contributions.

Who can participate?

Participation in CAAPAC is voluntary and open to individuals and businesses who are interested in the success of the Rental Housing Industry in California. Federal and State law limits contributors to individuals who are lawful permanent residents of the United States and non-foreign held businesses.

How much should I give?

All contributions are voluntary and worthwhile. Neither your decision to participate nor the amount of your contribution will favor or disadvantage you.

Are contributions deductible for tax purposes?

Contributions to any political committee or entity are not tax deductible.

Why Is CAAPAC Important to You and Your Business?

Government decisions at all levels have a major impact on how you run your business, care for tenants, and manage the bottom line. We must have legislators in Sacramento who are open to the concerns of rental property owners and managers and value the vital role our industry has on the overall economy. Making legal political contributions to key public policy makers is an excellent opportunity to build relationships during critical periods at both the state and local level.