About CAA

The California Apartment Association (CAA) is the largest statewide rental housing trade association in the country.

CAA represents rental housing owners and managers who operate all types and sizes of residential rental property, from single family rental homes to large apartment complexes. Together, the Association members are responsible for more than 795,000 units throughout the State of California.

The California Apartment Association Network is dedicated to providing services and products that will help our members operate their rental property successfully and profitably. Your local association is at the forefront of the rental housing industry and works in concert with the state and national associations to provide you with your membership benefits.

CAA's Mission is to represent the ethical members of the rental housing industry in all aspects of government affairs within the State of California and Nationally, and to provide information, products and services which contribute to the success of their businesses. CAA is the industry leader in affecting policy and legislation that regulate rental housing. CAA encourages and supports the fair, ethical and professional operation of rental housing.

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